Kitchen Wall Coverings – why splashbacks are the new tiles!

Posted by Wilsonart UK on Sep 14, 2018 3:26:01 PM

Designing your kitchen can be an arduous task. Aside from choosing the worktops, colour scheme and materials, you also must consider how you will decorate your kitchen walls.

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Ask The Zenith Experts – Your Solid Laminate FAQs Answered

Posted by Wilsonart UK on Mar 28, 2018 3:50:12 PM

Wilsonart’s Zenith range is a collection of on-trend solid laminate (also known as compact) worktops available in a wide range of decors and finishes. Although not a new material, compact is a new player within the worktop market. At 12.5mm thin, Zenith is made up of a black core created from layers of kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resin, a decorative paper is then placed on either side along with an overlay paper and impregnated with melamine resin to create a durable, waterproof and stylish worksurface.

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The benefits of laminate worktops compared with natural stone

Posted by Wilsonart UK on Mar 6, 2018 4:37:25 PM

Are you in the know when it comes to understanding the benefits of laminate worktops compared with natural stone?

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